Tuxedo cats are among my favorite cats, and long-haired tuxedo cats are much more appealing to my eyes. A tragic occurrence occurred in the life of a Scottish cat named Wednesday when his dream of finding a permanent home did not materialize. The good news is that Wednesday has a permanent, forever family and will no longer be concerned about losing his home.

Amber spent a recent day browsing through free classified advertisements on the internet in her native nation in the hopes of finding a new feline companion to join her four-legged family. Her heart felt as she came face to face with a lovely kitten that immediately drew her attention. After picking up the phone, she was able to quickly get additional information about this cat in desperate need of a permanent home.

Not many facts were supplied regarding the brightly colored black and white kitten, which may have been included for the purpose of supporting a friend who was in need of assistance. Amber immediately contacted her boyfriend and made arrangements for him to pick up the kitten from the shelter as soon as she learned about it.

Amber was completely smitten with the new tiny fluffy princess she had acquired as a result of her return to her hometown. According to the owner, the Maine coon and Siberian hybrid kitten, who is adapting well to her new home, is female. She knew her cat needed shots and a checkup immediately, so she scheduled an appointment with a veterinarian.

By the following Wednesday, she had received a lovely little gift. According to what she had been informed, the kitten was 10 weeks old and male, rather than female, as she had assumed.

The owner came across his photo while looking for a new addition to their family in the free ad area and fell head over heels in love with him right then and there. He phoned the person who posted him two days after the ad went up, concerned that he had already been rehomed and was being held hostage. The guy had no idea what the kitten had had in the way of immunizations, nor did he know how old she was. As a result of his friend’s return to Poland, he simply attempted to find him a new place to live. They escorted him back to his house.

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