I feel that this video of a mom cat making the bed in the manner of a human is one that anybody who has dealt with small children may feel in their bones.

Beginning with something eternally cute: a kitten doing kitten things, the 14-second sped-up video quickly moves on to other adorable things. In this particular instance, there was some real wrestling with a bed sheet. There are no scores kept for this particular game, but the sheet looks to be the victor in this instance.

To be precise, until the four-second mark, at which point mom cat arrives on the scene and puts an end to all of these shenanigans. This long-suffering black cat performs a dance that parents of all kinds have done for generations: enter a room and enjoy a small spell of peace and quiet before leaving. After asking, “What the ever-loving Hell is going on here?” he flawlessly transitions into, “No! Please, don’t do that! I had just finished cleaning the room.

For mom cat, the latter attitude is communicated by a succession of head bops until the kitten is delightfully thrown off the bed, head over small kitten keister, by the mother cat. And in the last five seconds of the film, mom cat straightens up the room by dragging the blankets back over the bed and making the sheets as flat as she can without the luxury of opposable thumbs on her hind legs.

Watch the video here:

By Anna

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