With these two people, Michael and Mikala, this cute little fella makes his home in Copenhagen.

When they visited a local shelter, they came across Monty, a little cat who was unlike any other they had ever seen before. They adopted Monty.

Because of a chromosomal mutation, Monty was born without a nasal bridge bone. As a result, he has a charming and distinct appearance.

In order to share Monty’s beauty with the rest of the world, his humans decided to create an Instagram account, and before they knew it, Monty had become a worldwide sensation.

“We took Monty, a 3-year-old male, from an animal shelter a year ago this month.”

“Monty was born without a nasal bridge (the bone in the bridge of the nose), which causes him to sneeze every now and then.”

Nonetheless, “his personality, which he showed from the very beginning, is as rare as a diamond!”

The cat, Monty, shared a room with a few other cats from the animal shelter that was a touch violent, but Monty seemed uninterested in engaging in combat.

Due to a leaky or loose bladder, Monty also has a propensity to pee in his sleep, which is concerning.

“When he finds out, he gets ashamed, and we are battling to persuade him that he should not be embarrassed since this is an issue he cannot repair and must learn to live with.”

“He enjoys resting on your lap, and he’ll keep you company at night until you wake up.” The arms of [his father] Michael are, without a doubt, his favorite spot to hug. ”

Monte is virtually never fearful, and he even enjoys his visits to the veterinarian. He is an admirably courageous little fellow.”

“Crooked” cats, or cats who may not seem to be ideal in everyone’s eyes, are something we want Monty to be an advocate for!

If you want to see more of Monty and keep up with him in his everyday life, follow him on Instagram.

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