Surely everyone who has a cat at home knows this burning, irresistible desire to take and cuddle, torture (of course, not in the literal sense!) their pet. You simply want to shake them because they are so adorable, soft, fluffy, and amusing!

However, in such situations, we very infrequently inquire as to the pet’s thoughts and feelings. And here’s the rub: most of the time, our pussies aren’t delighted with the sudden and excessive attention they’re receiving.

It is not difficult to comprehend what they are saying: some abstract, obnoxious, and important cat has just finished eating and is now resting in preparation of a nap. As soon as it has found a comfortable position and has begun to doze off, this two-legged creature abruptly flies up, grips you, and starts to squeeze!

Yes, anybody may get enraged in this place! True, people still don’t seem to care since they like their dogs and, at times, you just want to snuggle them all the time!

It should be noted that there are sometimes exceptions to the rule. Take a look at the main character in this video! This white attractive guy certainly loves his owner, and she plainly adores him in return. Simply see the cat’s reaction to a kiss from her mother!

It can clearly be seen that the cat is really content to be close to his owner; he purrs with delight and seems to be enjoying every minute of being next to her! Meanwhile, he meows in response to the female kissing him. He must be communicating with her in some feline language to express his feelings for her.

It’s incredibly cute! And how do your cats react to such caresses?

By Elen

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