We’re still confused as to how Tosya found himself in that situation. Most likely, they just transported her to the location and left her there. Of course, the dog couldn’t survive there for long and was eventually killed when he was struck by a vehicle. And after a particularly terrible break, she began crawling up to strangers and pleading for assistance. Of course, everyone is different, and it might be difficult to see a little puppy screaming for rescue in the middle of a long line of automobiles. They did, however, take note of her!

People from that firm came up to us and introduced themselves. Of course, we couldn’t say no to this offer. In addition, one of the ladies expressed interest in adopting the dog. Tosya needed to be taken to a veterinarian facility, which was located in another city. There, the doctor was able to essentially put the bones back together by using special spokes to hold them together. As a result, the surgery proceeded well.

She returned to the shelter initially, but as the stress increased, she started using the restroom at her house instead of at the shelter. The lady was fed up with it and demanded that we remove the dog from the premises or she would put her on the street.

We couldn’t let this small creature to wind out on the street once again once surgery was completed. As a result, we had to place her in a paid animal shelter at a pet hotel. Yes, the shelter is not a home; Tosya is required to adhere to a strict schedule and sleep in a cage while there. However, no one will ever put her outdoors since her dish is always brimming with food and she is always being walked around, keeping her warm and secure.

Tosya is staying at the hotel at this time. She has gained the affection of the whole crew. We are fortunate to have her since she is a very friendly, docile, and totally domesticated dog that deserves to be loved and cared for. She is in desperate need of a loving home and caring guardians.

This dog should not live on the street, much less in an enterprise. After all, Tosechka is a very affectionate and homely little girl.

By Elen

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