This guy adopts a 16-year-old dog and ensures that he spends his last days with a caring and supportive household.

When we have a dog, we have to accept the fact that they do not live as long as we would want them to. It is true that kids are only with us for a portion of our lives, but they are with us for the whole of their lives, so we strive to provide them with the finest life possible while they are by our side. We are fully aware that they are deserving of everything.

It was at the Tehachapi Animal Rescue Center in California when Zach Skow, co-founder of Marleys Mutts and the Pawsitive Change Program, came across an elderly dog called Henry and immediately recognized him as a potential rescue candidate. When I arrived to the shelter, the 16-year-old dog was a bit scruffy, had rough gray spots on his coat, and was no longer as nimble or lively as the other dogs.

With much emotion, Zach could not handle the notion of this dog spending his last years in such a squalid environment. As a result, he offered to become Henry’s foster father in March 2021 without hesitation. His mission was to ensure that Henry met new people and made fresh, positive experiences throughout his time in the hospital.

Because of his age, Henry struggled to walk fluently for a while, but amazingly, the sweet dog worked hard to draw energy from within and it wasn’t long before they could see him pacing and running around Zach’s yard like he was a puppy. His foster father couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

As a result of being at the shelter, Henry realized that he had testicular cancer, which he had been unaware of. He was fortunate in that surgery assisted him in overcoming the condition. This dog was clinging to life with all he had.

Zach didn’t anticipate Henry to remain by his side for such a long period of time. He thought that the dog only had a few months left to live due of his advanced age. But the dog continued to defy the odds day after day, and to Zach’s astonishment, he seemed to be getting younger with each visit.

Zach couldn’t bear the thought of Henry being alone any longer, no matter how pleased he was with his growth, and so he set out to find him a permanent home. After all, his ultimate objective was to provide this adorable little puppy with the greatest years imaginable.

Without a doubt, Henry’s trademark energy and enthusiasm made it quite easy for him to find a home, despite his advanced age. In fact, his new mother adores him and takes excellent care of him at all times, even posting pictures of their adventures on her own Instagram account.

The sun is shining brightly and Henry still has enough energy to go for walks. She enjoys the outdoors and is grateful to have a supportive family as well as a large social media following.

All due to Zach, who saw Henry at a shelter and decided he still deserved the best in life. Henry went from being a neglected senior dog to being a cherished companion, and it’s all because of him.

By Elen

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