Luna, an Australian young sheepdog, had somehow gotten out of the yard and disappeared into the woods someplace. This family’s baby, Bowen, formed a deep bond with the dog, which resulted in the pup being saved.

Due to the fact that Luna escaped today, Saturday, and that they had looked for her all weekend without success, they resorted to Sandra Colston, a professional who specializes in locating lost dogs.

In order to find the sheepdog, she created a map with important spots and set traps with the owners’ garments on them, hoping that if she scented familiar odors, the sheepdog would come out. However, this was not the case.

The owners were starting to worry that their cat had gotten too far away and that they would have to hunt for her in another state.

Furthermore, it is possible that the purebred and little dog was taken and never returned.

But, fortunately, a neighboring camera captured the dog’s image, and the son-in-law and niece of the puppy’s owner rushed to the scene and called out to Luna, who promptly bolted away.

Luna did not answer to her name, and other dogs from the next yard were unable to coax her out of her hiding place as well.

The weekend had past, and on Monday, the whole family got into the family vehicle, expecting to apprehend the dog while also transporting tiny Bowen. At that moment, Bowen became upset and began to cry and then scream in frustration.

Then something unexpected occurred that no one could have expected. To make sure that no one would harm her companion, Luna came out of hiding and rushed down the street. And it was at that moment that she was apprehended, leashed, and transported home.

The family has finally gotten their pet back, and they will be extra cautious in the future to ensure that she does not run away.

By Elen

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