Following a referral from the Seattle Humane Society, Jack and his family were put in the care of Cindy Congdon, an experienced foster mother. His mother was happy to have a safe setting in which to care for her children, even though he and his two siblings were only a week old.

As time goes on, the kittens grow bigger and learn more about how to be a cat.

Earlier this week, Congdon was transporting Jack’s little body when he suddenly started grooming himself, and Congdon was more than glad to help him as he gained confidence.

Jack looked exhausted as he struggled to groom himself, and it is probable that he gave up after a while to take a long nap. Despite the fact that the little cat is still getting used to the concept of grooming, he did an excellent job on his first attempt, and his foster mother couldn’t be happier.

As the summer warms up, many kittens, like Jack in this photo, will want someone to hold them while they nibble their feet and show off their belly button, “Congdon” said on her Instagram account.

A lot of people have called Jack a little polar bear cub because of his amazing family. There’s no doubt that he’ll grow and learn more.

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