As a result of Jinx’s flea infestation when she was rescued at only four weeks old, her mother had to bathe her on a regular basis in order to keep her clean and healthy once again.

Jinx’s mother, Tracey Lehmann, told The Dodo: “Because she was so young, I didn’t want to give her any flea treatments or medications because she was infected with fleas.” “I would put her in the sink and bathe her virtually every day,” Tracey Lehmann said.

Since then, Jinx has been absolutely obsessed with the act of bathing. Most cats dread having their fur wet, but Jinx loves it so much that she now has to join her mother whenever she bathes.

As Lehmann explains, “I can tell when she wants to come in because she continues staring at me and meowing.”

While her mother is taking a bath, Jinx will spend virtually the whole time simply soaking in the water, and she will even allow her mother to cover her with bubbles.

“I generally take her out first so she can go about the bathroom and dry off a little before letting her get the rest of the house muddy,” Lehmann explained. “But she’ll stay in there for half an hour to 40 minutes just standing there or sitting on my lap.”

Jinx likes the rain, in addition to baths, because she clearly enjoys being covered in water whenever possible.

According to Lehmann, she’ll occasionally simply fall asleep while I’m holding her in the rain or she’ll raise her head to the sky and shut her eyes.

Jinx is really content when he is near water, which is probably not the case for most cats.

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