Winslow is a pleasant, fat cat with a good sense of musical taste. The cat has an even greater need for sugary treats.

The two are not interrelated in any way.

A musician, Kate Nyx, is the mother of Winslow, and she has a lot of musical instruments in her possession. These include this miniature piano, which is exactly the correct size for young children to learn on, and it is presumed that cats are also among the list of items on the wish list.

When Winslow was a little child, he looked like he liked pawing at keys.

In an interview with The Dodo, Nyx described how “he’d hit the keys and then peer beneath to see where the music was coming from.” “That’s how I got started learning to play the piano.”

Winslow’s excitement for music, on the other hand, quickly reached new heights.

In his later years, Winslow gained weight and was plumper than he should have been for his age. The outcome of this was that his veterinarian suggested that Nyx put him on a diet, which she did — with one notable exception.

“I started splitting up his meals into little amounts throughout the day and used the piano to ‘earn’ them,” Nyx said. “It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.” “It all worked out perfectly.”

As a result, Winslow acquired a deep love for the piano as a result of this experience. In my perspective, they were a little too eager.

As Winslow sees playing music as a way to get food, Nyx’s home is rarely empty of the sound of a cat playing the piano these days, which is a good thing.

In addition, he is currently playing on a regular basis!

In some cases, as shown in the video, this can lead to funny musical standoffs.

Watch the video below…

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