Siamese cat Ricky is 17 years old and adores receiving attention. He is not scared to approach people and seek attention.

His family, on the other hand, is more than happy to provide a hand.

However, for better or worse, our lives usually entail other responsibilities in addition to providing pleasure to our feline companions. Ricky seemed skeptical that such a set of circumstances could be used to explain what had happened to him.

For Ricky, on the other hand, there is enough justification for being a bit demanding. Because he has arthritis, being stroked helps him feel more at peace and relaxed. Consequently, Ricky’s need for frequent petting have lately become more urgent.

His human family, on the other hand, was resourceful.

Debra Morse went and got Ricky and put him in a sling that was designed for a sprained arm.

According to her daughter Felicity Morse, “He follows my mother around the house, meowing until she massages him, so she thought this could help.”

How likely is it that Ricky will accept the sling as an alternative?

Yes, absolutely. His belly is exactly near to the palm of his human hand that is massaging him. As his pupils narrowed to that self-satisfied feline squint, he rapidly became calmer.

According to Felicity Morse, who spoke to The Dodo, “My mother developed this sling so that he feels more comfortable and less lonely.” “The warmth and caressing have been quite good for his arthritis,” says the doctor.

In addition to having been raised as a member of the family for most of his life, Ricky is used to being pampered and participating in practically everything they do.

Ricky’s family, for the most part, realizes that just because he is becoming older, he should not be left behind in life.

In an interview with The Dodo, Debbie Morse said, “He’s extremely peaceful and comfortable.” “He’s worth more than his weight in gold,” says the narrator.

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