Melina Marama Waite and her family were enjoying a typical, hectic morning when the incident occurred. At approximately 7:30 a.m., she left the house and stopped at a daycare center before heading to school to pick up her daughter, who was nine at the time. She later learned that they had been traveling with a stowaway the whole time.

As Waite explained to The Dodo, “We were stopped behind many vehicles at a crossroads when all of a sudden, a small kitten climbed onto the dashboard of the car.” “I was really taken aback, and I had no idea what to do.”

Incredulous, Waite looked over her shoulder to see a cat sitting right next to her on the dashboard, and the cat seemed equally bewildered.

In response to a reversal in traffic, Waite moved, and the cat slid, frightened, and attempted to grasp the rearview mirror, causing my child to flip out. “I attempted to grab the cat, but it slipped away and disappeared somewhere in the back of the vehicle.”

Soon after the initial shock went off, Waite realized that she had seen this cat walking about outside her home earlier, and she imagined he had gotten inside the vehicle when she was frantically packing up all of the kids into the van. She and her daughter immediately went home and sought to find the scared cat that had been trapped inside the car, eventually locating him hiding under the seats of the vehicle. When Waite tried to apprehend him, he jumped out of the vehicle and ran away from the scene.

Waite went about her work, wondering whether she’d ever see the little kid again and wishing she could have done more to help him in the meantime. However, she and her family must have left quite an impression, for the cat returned the next day, although in a less spectacular manner than before.

He came back the following day, and he came back every day after that, “Waite said.” “He made it possible for me to get closer to him every day.”

A humane trap was acquired from a local cat rescue, and it wasn’t long until the little cat, now known as Dash, was safely trapped inside Waite’s home. The cat, now known as Dash, looked bored with life as a stray but didn’t know how to communicate his feelings.

Waite will now take Dash to the veterinarian to get him neutered and to be examined for any health issues. While he’s there, the doctor can also check him for a microchip in the event that he has a family somewhere that is worried about him missing him. After that, he’ll either move in with Waite’s family or find another permanent residence-but, whatever happens, Dash made the right choice by selecting the automobile to jump into that day in the first place.

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