However, she was mistaken in believing that no one was looking at her.

It was one of the nicest things that a security camera had ever seen. A very nice woman gave up her scarf in exchange for a cold stray dog.

In the process of walking out the door, she spots a stray curled up under the shelter in front of the café, which seems to be as good as it gets for a stray.

Instead of just going by, as the majority of others had done, the woman decided to give the dog something she could use herself.
She realized she couldn’t simply walk away from the situation without doing anything.
She tucked the stray in and checked to make sure he was completely enclosed.

We hope that she provided a positive example for others to follow in her footsteps.

It did not go ignored, even though it only lasted a fraction of a second, and before long, the individual doing the good gesture was identified.

Hello, my name is Duygu Elma, and although she had no expectation of receiving the kind of accolades she has received on the internet, great heroes never do.

“I couldn’t have imagined that my acts would get so much notice,” she stated in an interview with The Dodo. It has taken me completely by surprise. It was quite chilly outside. When I watched him shivering, I couldn’t stand it any longer.”

Because Turkey has a stellar reputation for being animal-friendly and kind toward stray animals, it seems logical that she hails from there.

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