Dog enthusiasts realize that it is not the breed of the dog that matters, but how that dog is nurtured, treated, and loved.

Pit bulls have lost too many lives as a result of their bad reputation, which is difficult to quantify. This is not the case for one police officer, though. He is trying to change that view one wrong assumption at a time.

Officer Justin Bruzgul is a member of the following departments: Bruzgul saved Kiah from a dreadful situation in her life. He discovered her tied up in the snow, shivering, and pleading for aid with a shovel. The things that were clear to him were apparent in her as well: steadfast devotion, intellect, and a heart of gold. Because he thought Kiah could help people, he decided to take her under his wing and teach her how to be a K9 officer.

With flying colors, Kiah passed the exam, and she was subsequently appointed as the first Pit Bull K9 police officer in the state of New York. One thing is clear as a result of Kiah’s rescue and metamorphosis: A pit bull is a wonderful canine. Apart from putting in long hours at their jobs, Kiah and Officer Bruzgul have made it their goal to teach people about the realities of being a pit bull handler. In animal shelters, pit bulls and pit bull mixes are by far the most common breeds. Many thousands (thousands?) of dogs may find permanent homes if more people were made aware of their genuine potential and the true nature of these animals.

The K9 pair has also shown that pit bulls are capable of serving in the military. As a result, rather than spending an average of $20,000 on a police dog, police agencies may turn to animal shelters, where there are plenty of appropriate canines waiting to be adopted. Numerous canines that are euthanized due to overpopulation may be rehabilitated and given a new function. Not to mention that it’s a good reason to grin.

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