One contented dog adopted an orphaned squirrel, and the two of them developed a special affection for one another.

Everly was a devoted pit bull who was unexpectedly picked by a young squirrel to be its adoptive mother and raised as such.

Considering that Everly was already known for being a loving dog, it came as no surprise that she did not hesitate when it came to taking in the newborn squirrel.

People should not be surprised, though, since pit bulls are naturally endowed with a kind and affectionate attitude.

While most people associate the breed with being violent animals, they are really the most loving creatures on the face of the planet! Pit bulls are naturally gentle creatures, and this is shown in their behavior. It is indeed true that pit bulls were often referred to as “nanny dogs” throughout the nineteenth century, due to their reputation for being loyal, gentle, and patient companions for families with small children.

Despite the fact that she is a dog that loves everything and everyone, Everly does not lack any of these amazing characteristics.

Is it possible that this newborn squirrel has sensed Everly’s nurturing nature and has decided to pick her as her adoptive mother? Everly, on the other hand, was overjoyed with her selection.

Morgan Everly’s owner, Joy Groves, was unsurprised by Everly’s response to her newly adopted kid, who she described as “amazing.”

The squirrel had been discovered by the couple while out on a stroll, and the newborn squirrel was completely alone.

On their stroll, the squirrel continued to follow them and finally ended up following them back to their house.

Upon welcoming the squirrel into her home, Everly was overjoyed, and the squirrel did not hesitate to come up close and personal. Actually, the squirrel had no problems climbing to the top of Everly, and the two of them had a peaceful slumber together.

After that, Everly and her foster child grew inseparable.

Everly was quite protective of the little creature, but even though she was a wonderful foster mom, Everly knew she couldn’t keep him forever in her care. Eventually, the newborn squirrel had to be sent to a nearby wildlife center, where he would get the finest possible care while still preserving his natural environment.

Even though Everly had to say goodbye to her little pet, she still does her best to be a good mother by giving her cat a lot of love and attention every day.

Everly is without a doubt the prettiest and most compassionate pitbull you’ll ever meet in your life!

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