Unconditional affection was bestowed on a very ill dog by an Argentinean man after adopting him in order for him to be able to live out his last days in the best possible environment.

The poor pup’s name is Thanos. He was diagnosed with cancer, which quickly spread to his head and formed a large tumor, as you can see in the photos.

Unfortunately, Thanos had already gone through four different families, each of whom had rejected him because of his cancer diagnosis. Fortunately, wonderful samaritan Luciano Karosas took in the stray puppy during his last weeks of life and cared for him.

Prior to being adopted by 21-year-old Luciano, Thanos the dog had a deadly tumor developing on his head and only had a few weeks to live when he was rescued by the kindhearted guy. Thanos had previously been known as Coconut before being adopted by Luciano.

Since Thanos was born with a malignant tumor in his brain that was spreading quickly, the kind Argentinian only gave him a few weeks to live.

The poor pup was living with a different family when he got the awful diagnosis. Regrettably, when it became too difficult for them to care for Thanos—after the sickness had progressed to his brain—they felt they had no choice but to surrender him to the authorities.

Several other families attempted to adopt him, but they were unable to cope with his disability and the responsibilities that came with it. As a result, Thanos was sent to an animal shelter again. There, he met Luciano, who became his best friend for the rest of his life.

He was in his dying days on Earth, and Luciano wanted to show him his unconditional love.

Upon arriving at the shelter, the 21-year-old was instantly moved by the dog’s poignant narrative and made the decision to take him in and provide him with the most loving last few weeks imaginable. A chunk of his heart was in his hand as he walked out of the building, he told Portal Amigo. Cao

To ensure that Thanos’ last days were as pleasant as possible, Luciano took responsibility for the health and well-being of his new companion. He first refused to understand that there was nothing he could do to rescue the animal, and so he tried all he could to save it. After failing to save his life at home, the young man decided to take him to a veterinarian, hoping that they would be able to save his life there as well.

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