The dog’s previous owner just chained him to an abandoned vehicle parked outside his home and informed the neighbors that the dog was ill.

Besides that, he said that it was the safest way not to get close to him since he was capable of infecting anybody.

Instead of checking this information, the neighbors chose to turn a blind eye to the dog, who was flung to his death without a second thought.

For ten days, Duke was chained to an old truck, hoping for aid and sympathy in the eyes of onlookers, but he was met with a wall of silence.

In the end, he was recognized and helped by a young lady with a great and kind heart.

The Rudozem Street Dog Rescue team was notified right away when she discovered him.

Immediately upon learning of the incident, the organization’s founder, Tony Rowles, responded.

As he lay dying, Duke was covered in his own excrement and surrounded by flies, who were circling around him in anticipation of his impending death.

Nevertheless, when the dog saw Tony, he crept up to him and licked his hand.

As soon as he got home, the guy rushed the dog to the veterinarian, who discovered that Duke was completely healthy!

Given the overcrowding at Tony’s shelter, he made the best choice: he welcomed Duke into his house until a suitable placement could be found for him somewhere.

The Duke’s shattered paws, on the other hand, presented a different dilemma.

An X-ray and an inspection by the vets revealed that someone had broken one of his paws.

The physicians made the decision to assist Duke by repairing his paws!

In the wake of numerous surgical procedures and a lengthy recuperation, Duke was ready to begin his search for a new family and a new home.

Fortunately, there was a lady who was head over heels in love with the Duke from the moment she laid eyes on him.

This didn’t disturb her at all, even though she resided in England and the Duke was in Bulgaria.

She covered a portion of the Duke’s medical expenses as well as his journey to England from the United Kingdom.

There seem to be nice people caring for this puppy.

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By Anna

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