The dog’s owners were unaware that they had left their pet at the convenience store.

It took the dog more than 37 miles to get back to the house. On a recent vacation, the owners brought their dog, who they called “Dou-Dou.”

However, at one of the gas stops, the dog was able to sneak out of the vehicle without being seen.

The fact that Dou Dou had vanished was discovered by the owners while they were still at home.

It’s been around 7 hours since they last saw him, according to the clock.

The next day, the family proceeded to seek out the dog at a petrol station, where they surmised that he had been mistakenly left behind.

They searched the area for at least two hours and interrogated passersby, but no one reported seeing the four-legged creature.

The owners were no longer optimistic that they would be able to recover Dou Dou.

His family was hoping that a compassionate stranger would come and pick him up and take care of him. However, a month later, they were greeted by a stray dog on their porch.

The dog was able to locate his house, which was 37 miles away from the location where he had been abandoned, and return home safely.

He was, on the other hand, filthy and very malnourished.

Dou Dou was fed and washed as soon as he was brought in. He lost a significant amount of weight but did not sustain any injuries.

Because he is surrounded by a loving family, his eyes have begun to shine once again.

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