If a story has to begin in this manner, it is only fair that it concludes in the same manner. This wonderful, worthy dog not only survives but flourishes in his new environment!

Kong, a one-year-old Border Collie who was taken into an Oklahoma shelter in bad condition, was awarded the best dog in the world. He was suffering from a terrible skin disease that caused him to sob in misery. He became severely burnt in the areas where he had lost patches of fur as a result of the condition. The poor puppy was in excruciating agony, and his howls were horrible to hear!

Known as BCRRT, the Border Collie Rescue & Rehab group found out about the dog’s situation and sent volunteers to help. They brought the dog back to Texas, where they are based.

Kong’s tears became less frequent as he became more familiar with his new human companions, particularly when they made every attempt to alleviate his terrible skin condition. He even started to put his confidence in their delicate touch.

“Kong enjoys playing with toys, toys, and more toys, and he enjoys being loved. He is really loving with humans, and he especially enjoys children. He is content as long as he is being petted or otherwise cared for. When you first meet him, he might be a bit reserved, but he soon warms up to you. He likes going on walks and gets along with other dogs. “He enjoys playing with other dogs,” says his owner.

The dog’s next step would be to be placed in a foster home. In addition to teaching him how to “dog,” his foster parents were very patient, which he, of course, deserved. He picked up on crate training and toilet training quite fast.

“His change has been tremendous so far, and we are certain that his ideal forever home is out there,” the BCRRT said. And they were absolutely correct! Curtis Hartsell’s social media account included a picture of Kong that was taken by Kong. Curtis recognized this dog right away as one that belonged with him!

As Hartsell said to The Dodo, “I glanced through his profile and was instantly taken in by his solitary image and the description they had written for him.” His foster mother explained his temperament and attitude, and I briefly recounted my story to her, and she said that we sounded like we were made for each other.

Without a second thought, Curtis jumped in. They were paired up after he filled out an application and the rescue group looked at him and his home.

A short time later, the two were brought together. When Curtis first spotted Kong, he knew immediately that he had always been destined to be his companion. He knelt beside Kong and bestowed upon him two gifts: the largest, nicest embrace possible, as well as a new name. ZIB is named after the legendary Russian space dog of the same name.

Curtis addressed him by his new name and inquired as to whether he would want to accompany him home. “He sat in front of me, gazed into my eyes, embraced me, and bent his head in respect.”The scene was adorably sweet, and I’ll never forget it.”

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