To answer the question of who is a genuine fighter, I would reply that it is Trudie, who was miraculously saved after being driven over by a bus. The cat, who was four years old at the time, was killed after he was struck by a car while crossing a road in Luton, Bedfordshire. Her jaw had been fractured, one of her eyes had been severely damaged, and she had other big wounds on her legs and all over her body.

People who saw the cat tried to aid her, but their efforts were fruitless since the cat ran away before they could reach her. She had been gone for 16 days until the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was able to locate her and have her taken to the veterinarian (RSPCA).

Trudie experienced a 6-month recuperation period that included a number of major and minor surgeries to correct problems with her jaw, eyes, and legs, among other things. For a few days, the cat was fed via a tube, but she quickly gained the strength to eat on her own after that.

When Trudie was old enough, she was placed in the care of the RSPCA until she could be adopted. When a family opted to accept the cat as their foster kid for the rest of their lives, she was blessed a second time.

She has been welcomed into the family by her new owners, Dennis and Shirley, who are delighted to have her. The cat is finally getting the affection and attention she has been seeking for a long period of time.

Despite the fact that the procedures seemed to be overwhelming to the small kitten, we had no way of knowing just how resilient she was until we saw her triumph over them all.

Due to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals saved her life and helped the cat find a new home, we say thanks!

By Anna

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