I love my dog so much, writes about the Perez family of Raymondville, Texas, who are seeking to get their dog back after the city’s animal control adopted him out to another family.

Snowflake, who had been rescued from the Texas floods in June, broke out and wandered away the week before Thanksgiving. The family looked for hours but came up empty-handed.

Then, after he was turned into municipal animal control, he was taken in by another family. His biological parents were supposed to be able to get him back at some point.

Snowflakes’ father, Hector Perez, broke down in tears when speaking with KRGV about how much his family misses their pet puppy.
Perez claims that the shelter acknowledged that they had made a mistake and informed him that Snowflake’s new adoptive family did not want to return him to them.

Despite his best efforts, including visiting with the Raymondville police chief, the Perez family has not been able to get Snowflake from the authorities.

The saddest thing, according to Perez, is that Snowflake’s new family lives in the neighborhood.

“If you whistle, I can hear him barking,” he said in an interview with KRGV. “He belongs to us, he’s a member of our family,” said the father.

According to Perez, the event is presently being investigated by the city’s attorney, and he is also considering his legal options. Snowflake will be returned to Perez’s family before Christmas, according to Perez.

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