13-year-old  Boo, a dog that was having a particularly terrible day decided to go for a stroll on an icy pond and ended up slipping through the ice.

He was struggling in the freezing water, but he managed to let out a cry for aid before he drowned.

And it was only because of the bravery  guys from the Delaware fire department that he was rescued and brought to safety.

Following his cold encounter, Boo was transported to the veterinarian right away. In the process, this fortunate canine was granted a clean bill of health, which was much appreciated by his family.

There is no doubt that his family is going to be extra vigilant next time that Boo is out by the pond.

However, considering the circumstances of his adventure, we wouldn’t be surprised if it takes Boo some time to regain his confidence and go near to the pond.

You can watch Boo’s dramatic rescue in the video clip below:

By Elen

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