#1 My dog had run away, and when I returned home after hours of searching, I found this.

#2 This is Zeus.

#3 At the City of Jackson Animal Shelter, a dog that had been missing for more than two weeks was reunited with his owner.

#4 Twixx had been missing for two years, and his owner believed he had died. However, thanks to a microchip, they were reunited once again. Twixx is a happy.

#5 The sweetest reunion

#6 A reunion that took 200 days to come about.

#7 My neighbor found his lost dog.

#8 A family in my town had their truck stolen last week, with their dog inside, while they were away on vacation. Today, the truck was found, and the dog was reunited with his family after a long separation.

#9 We have been reunited with our dog Bella, who had been missing for 54 days after the tornado that destroyed our home on March 3rd.

#10 Murphy has returned home after spending the last 20 months in the Tahoe National Forest..

#11 Alex has been separated from his family for six years and has just been reunited with them.

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By Elen

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