When shelter employees discovered a gorgeous purebred Husky called Nate wandering the streets like a stray, it was a surprising sight for them to see. Nate, on the other hand, was quickly identified as being significantly different from other homeless canines. His empty and haunted eyes were a clear indication of a traumatic past, and he was highly nervous and closed himself off from the world. Please allow me to introduce you to Nate; this is his story!

When the staff checked Nate’s body for a microchip, his bizarre conduct became understandable. The poor animal had been enrolled in a laboratory and had been exposed to the most rigorous testing processes for months on end.

And, to make matters worse, the negligent lab remorselessly threw him on the streets because they didn’t want to cope with his “psychologically disturbed” condition. The Beagle Freedom Project personnel were contacted by the shelter because they had previous experience with animal research victims. They were able to help.

Together, they were able to locate a foster mother who was willing to accept Nate despite his scars. She devised a comprehensive treatment plan and worked with him for many months to help him overcome his trauma. Nate is shown smiling brightly at the end of his movie, which means that he is now ready to move to his new home.

Although he seems to be a “regular dog” at this point, his foster mother feels that he will always be a special fighter for her and her family. Every year, thousands of animals suffer and perish in laboratories as a result of the avarice of humans. It is past time for us to stand up for the victims of laboratory experiments and speak out against the brutal treatment of these creatures.

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By Anna

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