Bruno had been abandoned on the streets and forced to fend for himself, and he had totally shut down as a result. The dog had nothing to live for and lacked the skills required to survive alone in the wilderness.

But, fortunately, Sidewalk Specials would take him in and provide him with a purpose to fight for.

When the poor animal was placed on grass for the first time, he was completely befuddled. While attempting to take in all of this new information, he became quite ill and despondent. However, it wasn’t until he made his first human acquaintance that things began to turn around for him. This youngster reassured him that he was secure, and it helped him relax enough to eat and drink well.

A puzzled and perplexed Bruno was transported to his new home by Sidewalk Specials, who returned a week later with a totally new dog who enjoyed sunbathing and wagging his tail! He’s now known as Ollie, and he’s finally enjoying the life he’s always dreamed of.

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By Anna

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