Wolfie was subjected to a neglected upbringing in which she was chained outdoors all of the time and ignored.

Because she couldn’t take it any longer, she did everything she needed in order to get away, but leaving it all behind would come at a high cost for her. The dog had a piece of her rope lead stuck in her neck and digging into her throat, which she had tried to free herself from with her teeth.

As a caution, the movie depicts a gruesome picture of the gash on her neck inflicted by the rope, however, keep in mind that the film has a happy conclusion in which everything was worth it for the nice young woman. When Wolfie had recovered from her injuries, she was adopted by a rescue home that included many other animals. It was then that she made her first human companion.

Wolfie’s life will be filled with love and happiness from this point on! We are grateful that she was discovered and taken in by Sidewalk Specials, who set her on the path to the second shot in life, which she so well earned!

Watch the heart-breaking video here:

By Anna

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