The Maine Coon cat’s is renowned for its beauty. Maine Coon cats are available in a variety of colors, but their black smoke coats are truly spectacular. As seen by his appearance, Richie the Maine Coon cat shows that the black and gray color scheme is a real head-turner.

It’s simple to see why this French-born Maine Coon cat is causing such a huge commotion on the internet just by looking at his beautiful photographs.

It didn’t take long for Richie du Mont Even to become famous on social media after his November 7, 2020, birth. His owner has given permission for him to be featured on the site, so continue reading to find out what makes this cat so unique.

What is the origin of Richie’s name?

It was critical to choose a name that began with the letter R. Richie was also chosen because we believe that cats are more likely to recognize their names if they begin with the letter “i.” In spite of this, it doesn’t appear to be functioning very effectively at the present.

How would you describe his personality?

This cat-dog is a hybrid. He spends a lot of time cuddling with his mother in the mornings, just after waking up. This occurs only once every 24 hours. While this is taking place, he must be left alone for the remainder of the day. He enjoys engaging in human-like games. Despite his curiosity, he might be apprehensive at times. Since he was a child, his subservient disposition had become apparent.

Rickie has a beautiful coat! Is he groomed regularly?

Because there is so much hair on it, it is prone to get tangled, so I brush it on a frequent basis. After going outside, he is particularly prone to getting dirt trapped in his hair. Every week, I clean his teeth and the area around his ear when his eyes are filthy.

Is he sharing the house with any other cats or dogs?

Unfortunately, not at this time, however, we may be able to provide him a mate in the future. Pets require a lot of time and attention. Taking appropriate care of everyone will also come at a high financial expense.

Are there any hobbies he enjoys?

Keep an eye on us as we prepare food and the animals outside our window…

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