Hundreds of millions of passengers pass through Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport each year, according to the airport’s security team. They were, however, taken aback when they discovered a stray kitten walking about on the terminal ramp by itself.

On that busy night, mama cat and her kitten siblings were unable to be found. In a potentially dangerous situation, the public safety officials at the airport did the right thing.

Several members of the airport’s operation team rushed in to save the kitten, which had been moved out of harm’s path. During the night, the kitten was cleaned, fed, and watered. In spite of being scared, the kitten seemed to know that he was in good hands.

The fact that the security officers were too much attentive to their unexpected visitor cannot be faulted is unavoidable. Take a look at her lovely features!

When the incident was reported, and inquiries were made, there were still no answers to the kitten’s whereabouts. We were not aware of any stray cats in the neighborhood, and there were no reports of lost kittens either.

It was undoubtedly a stray that somehow wandered far away and snuck past airport security.

Wes England fell in love with the little kid the day after he saved him from a dangerous situation. The father of two children made the decision to adopt the stray dog because he knew his family would have the same feelings.

The little guy is known by the nickname Bo, which is an abbreviation for Boeing. Boeing was the name given to him by his family, in honor of the plane.

England claims that Bo and his two children have already formed an unbreakable bond since they were reunited with their biological family a few days ago. Normally, a kitten would not be allowed to be on a ramp at an airport terminal, but Bo was in the right place at the right time.

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