Oh my goodness, I have no idea how this small kitty got his head stuck in that hole. Cats are seriously some of the most interesting creatures on the earth, and they have a tendency to get themselves into some of the most ridiculous situations possible! Like this poor little kitten who got his head stuck in the rim of a wheel last week!

The kitten had his head stuck in the rim for about two days before his rescuers found him and brought him to the firefighters for help. Rescuers had a difficult time getting him out of the car since he was trapped inside it. There were even attempts to remove the cat’s head from the wheel using soap and a spoon, but none of these methods were successful.

As a result, they had to cut the tire off the rim using a saw in order to extract the poor little guy’s head out of the hole. Even though they utilized the spoon to block the cat’s head from coming into contact with the saw while they were cutting through the rim, it was still beneficial. Soon after the cat was free!

The news team that covered the incident, KENS5, reported that the family who discovered the kitten plans to rescue him, which means that both the family and the kitten will have a happy ending!

Watch the news story below to learn more about this little kitten’s crazy rescue story!

By Elen

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