While the majority of people were satisfied with seeing a live performance, one dog was engaged in it.

According to the scenario, an actor named Numan Erturul Uzunsoy’s role was supposed to be injured during a theatrical performance in Turkey, according to the scenario. All of this was, of course, just a front.

According to Uzunsoy, “the character I played was wounded and hurt.” The rider had lost his balance on the horse and was wheezing.

A cute, fuzzy four-legged member of the crowd came to the rescue, though, and tried to save a man.

As Uzunsoy lay on the ground, clearly doing a great job, the concerned stray dog made his entrance; interrupting the play to offer the ‘injured’ character some comfort.

The stray dog then proceeded to snuggle up right next to the actor and start to lick his face, presumably in an attempt to revive him, luckily for us this moment was caught on camera.

My face became heated as a result of the warmth. My co-star was approaching me at first, “Uzunsoy said.” “I believed it was my costar.” In this, he was mistaken:

It was at this time when Uzunsoy couldn’t help but break character and cracked a grin on his face.

As Uzunsoy recalled, “I was overjoyed to feel the dog’s kisses.” It meant a great deal to me.”He was like an angel who wanted to be of assistance to my situation. My emotions were running high at the time of the incident. That wasn’t anything I was anticipating.”

It seems like everyone had a good time with the lovely interruption. One of the crew members ultimately removed the lovely puppy offstage, but not before the dog checked on the “injured guy” to make sure he was okay.

Uzunsoy wanted to reconcile with the pup and assist him in finding a home as a way of repaying him for the compassion he had shown him.

Watch the video of this funny story here:

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