She was keen on adopting the unusual-looking kitten when she spotted it at Noah’s Ark Animal Foundation, which is located near her house in Fairfield, Iowa. The kitten was a beautiful brown and white kitten with one eye and a crooked jaw. “I knew I was in love the instant I laid eyes on him,” Rheanne explains. The kindest personality could be found in him. “Not only was he wonderfully attractive with his gap-tooth smile, but he also had the greatest disposition.”

While Rheanne wanted to take the kitten home with her, she was concerned that her financial situation would prevent her from providing him with the life she believed he deserved in the long run. Despite the fact that she wasn’t in a position to adopt him at the time, Rheanne recalls, “He was so lovely, I knew he would be taken up right away.”

Rheanne, on the other hand, was unable to forget about the adorable special-needs kitten, and over the course of the next few months, she found herself thinking about the young brown and white cat on a regular basis, wondering where he had ended up. I returned to the shelter one day and inquired about the “pirate cat,” as Rheanne says. “They knew precisely who I was talking about since they had seen him.”

When Rheanne discovered that the one-eyed cat she’d been fantasizing about for months was still available, she leaped at the opportunity to take him into her heart and home. “When I found out he was still searching for a place to live,” Rheanne adds, “it simply seemed like it was meant to be.”

Rheanne adopted the cat on March 18, 2015, months after seeing him for the first time. She named him Wesley in honor of one of her favorite movies, which was released at the time. According to Rheanne, “I’ve always loved The Princess Bride, and I decided to name him after a pirate,” thus she was inspired by Westley’s role in the film, who had a brief stint as the Dread Pirate Roberts.

With a lost eye and a crooked jaw, Wesley ended up at the animal shelter when he was discovered in a parking lot by himself. He didn’t waste any time in demonstrating to his mother that he was every bit as charming and nimble as his namesake, despite his physical limitations.

The mother-of-two adds, “He has a hard time distinguishing distances at times, but in general, he’s fairly intelligent and can figure things out pretty quickly.” In classic cat fashion, Wesley loves taking his mother’s hair bands and turning them into toys. He also enjoys playing with milk jug rings and surprising Rheanne by pouncing on her back.

Several individuals have expressed worry about Wesley’s quality of life, adds Rheanne, “but I’ve reassured them that his missing eye and crooked jaw have had no negative impact on his ability to function.” This attractive, one-eyed cat also enjoys eating, and he has the terrible tendency to be overexcited during mealtimes, to the point that he will run around the house until he vomits.

Whenever he isn’t playing, surprising his mother, or running laps, Wesley enjoys crawling under the covers to snuggle up with Rheanne and express his gratitude for the life she has provided for him.

Even though Rheanne has a strong affection for Wesley and believes that he is great exactly the way he is, she has had to cope with the odd unfavorable inquiries and remarks regarding his unusual appearance. “I remember describing Wesley to a friend before adopting him, and my buddy made the comment, “‘Why would you spend money on an unattractive cat?'” recalls Rheanne.

The good news is that Rheanne has discovered that a large majority of people — including Wesley’s almost 600,000 Instagram followers — believe Wesley to be as adorable and charming as she does. While Rheanne admits her cat Wesley is “not your typical cat,” she believes he is “definitely no less lovely” and “has been such a delight to have as a part of her family”.

Rheanne has also discovered that, despite the fact that special needs cats like as Wesley seem to be a little different from the normal kitty on the outside, on the inside, they are just like any other cat, wanting to play, eat, love, and get into mischief. According to Rheanne, she wants people to be aware of the amount of love that these creatures have to give. In far of behavior, they are no different from any other pet you may have. The only difference is in the packing.”

Rheanne was drawn to Wesley more than three years ago while volunteering at Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter. His distinct-looking face drew her attention, but it was his gentle and caring demeanor that won her over. Despite the fact that she fell in love with Wesley the instant she met him, Rheanne claims that he has come to represent far more to her than she could have anticipated.

For Rheanne, it is her goal that Wesley’s tale would encourage people to look beyond the looks of a pet when considering adoption. She is convinced that if they do so, they will be rewarded with the type of extraordinary bond she has with this particular child. “He simply brings so much happiness into my life, and I am eternally thankful for him,” Rheanne adds. His antics make me chuckle, and his kindness brightens an otherwise depressing day.

Wesley, the cute brown and white cat, has a big social media following, and he is able to brighten the days of many people with his endearing face and his fun-loving nature. Rheanne expresses her delight that he is able to share the things that make him unique with so many people.

In fact, judging by the outpouring of affection Wesley gets every time his mother publishes a photo or video of this gorgeous kid on her social media accounts, there are a lot of people all over the globe who find him just as endearing as his mother does. “It has honestly shown me how many wonderful, loving individuals are still out there,” Rheanne says of her experience. He is just too beautiful to be kept a secret any longer.

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