Taking your pet to the vet is an experience that may have two results: the process is pleasant and your pet acts like a champion, or it makes a fuss from the moment it enters the clinic.

In the latter scenario, we can’t complain since we’re just as afraid of clinics as you are, but your pet may cause you problems in front of the doctors, and that’s a truth.

However, there are certain animals that like the visit as long as they receive some attention. And for this small puppy, the star of a Facebook video with over 230,000 responses, any type of pain is worth it as long as he can look at the beauty of the doctor who is treating him.

The dog looks at the “doctor” with great kindness for the whole minute of the video, as if hypnotized by the woman’s attractiveness.
However, she prepares him for a vaccine by taking his paw, wiping it with cotton, and inserting the needle, but the dog does not even react since there is enough anesthesia for his fear.

Watch this amazing video… It will make you smile all day…

By Elen

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