The connection that exists between a dog and its owner is unlike any other. There is really no doubt about whether a dog loves his or her owner or not, since dogs are known for expressing their affection in the most wonderfully apparent way. What are you waiting for if you’re looking for a cuddly, loving, and sometimes needy animal? What are you waiting for?

So when a German Shepherd was reunited with her owner after many months away, we were confident that her response would be absolutely priceless.

Because she was so happy to see her owner again, the sweet animal goes completely insane with excitement! A video of the wonderful moment was filmed and uploaded to the internet for everyone to see, and it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen in a long time!

After greeting her mother with her usual love, Freya hears her father calling her name from behind her – and that’s when she completely loses herĀ and starts crying.

Freya is so overjoyed that she can’t sit still when her father stepped to welcome her. Her tail is wagging nonstop as she spins around in enthusiastic circles and whines while her father pets her. After such a long time without seeing her father, she is overjoyed that he has returned at long last.

Finally, Freya’s tremendous enjoyment seems to fatigue her, and she falls in between her owner’s knees. She lies on her back and is given her first belly rub in probably a long time from her dad. She seems to be the happiest dog in the planet.

Despite the fact that they had been apart for a long time, Freya never forgot about her owner, and you can see how happy she was to be reunited.

Watch the sweet video for yourself below…

By Elen

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