When an unexpected guest walked through the doors of the Odessa Police Department in Texas in the early morning hours and jumped up onto the counter, officers were shocked.

Fortunately, it was a nice dog that seemed ready and willing to alert authorities to an ongoing problem involving a specific person who had gone missing from home. He, himself,

It seems that this astute youngster had determined that the best location to go after being separated from his human was the police station. Chico thought about applying for a job as a K-9 for some time after reporting his problem to the authorities in the manner that he is used to doing. Continue reading to learn about his whole trip.

This is  Chico, a bright dog who went to report about his missing to the Texan authorities.

An unexpected guest surprisingly visited the officers at the Odessa Police Department in Texas: a nice dog who carefully placed his paws on the front desk to inform them of his situation.

When Sergeant Rusty Martin arrived, he noted that the pup didn’t seem too concerned by his “lost dog” status, and he thanked him for his assistance. Most of the time, he simply seemed to be looking for a good time — and he certainly found it.

As Martin said to The Dodo, “we were all thrilled to have him here.” After a few minutes, we decided to play tennis with the tennis ball we had brought with us. All of his friends and acquaintances adored him. ”

In exchange, the policemen went out of their way to make his day at least a little bit better. They said that he got “a great deal of love and care.” “It was a great feeling for everyone to have him in the building.”

Martin went on to say more. “We had a tennis ball, so we tossed it about in the lobby for a little while.” “He was universally adored.” When playing was ended, it was time to make certain that Chico was returned to his proper owners, which he was.

Despite the fact that they were delighted by the dog’s unexpected companionship, those on duty did not lose sight of the matter he had initially brought up. But the process of resolving the problem quickly becomes a stumbling block.

Chico decided that his time in the police station had come to an end and stole away before animal control came. Evidently deciding that he’d had enough of being “lost,” the dog set out on his own to find his way back home to his family.

Martin, who had written about the event on Facebook, stated, “He fled out just as quickly as he walked in.” It was the following day that the owner answered, stating that it was his dog and that he had returned home. A mile or so from the station is where he resides.

Chico, the dog, had solved his first case—although one that he had devised for himself—and had earned his keep.

“I was quite pleased,” Martin expressed his feelings. “He could well be the right person for this job.”

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