After being discovered on a concrete wall, a cat went on to make a full recovery and win the heart of the lady who took him home.

Little Wanderers NYC was approached when a cat was seen on a concrete wall in the Bronx and brought to their attention (New York). He was in terrible condition, and he was meowing for aid. Volunteers from the rescue went to his aid and transported him to the hospital.

“Clayton was the name we gave him (as he was found on Clay Avenue). The veterinary team admitted him right away to stabilize his dangerously low body temperature, and he recovered quickly. “Little Wanderers NYC has shared their work.

According to the veterinarian, the kitten was around eight months old, very underweight, and suffering from a serious upper respiratory illness. Even though he was physically weak, he was desperate for attention and tried to raise his head so that he could be petted.

In 2008, he was an 8-month-old cat that was discovered on a cement wall.

His condition was deteriorating due to hypothermia, an excruciating upper respiratory infection, and sores on his tongue. It took just a few hours after his rescue for him to be revived from the edge of death. ”

Clayton was able to open his eyes and breathe more easily after receiving essential treatment to repair his anemia, pneumonia, and a myriad of other health conditions. A thermal support device was put on his body to help him keep his body temperature at a normal level.

It was reported by Little Wanderers NYC that “this kitten was so adorable that he purred even when medical professionals only glanced at him.” Based on his appearance, we believe he has been outdoors for at least three weeks, if not longer than that. We’re baffled as to why no one has come forward to help him since he’s a genuine sociable cat. ”

Because of his many ulcers and esophagitis, getting him to eat was the most difficult task.

According to Little Wanderers NYC, a feeding tube would help him get over the hump and deliver nutrients to help strengthen his immune system while allowing his upper digestive tract to recover.

In the midst of it all, he played and purred. He was the cutest little guy you could ever meet. ”

As soon as Clayton was able to be released from the hospital, he was accompanied home by Rebeccah L, a Little Wanderers NYC volunteer. Despite his foster mother’s best efforts, the affectionate kitten couldn’t get enough of her attention.

Watch Clayton in this video:

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