Meet Ichimi, a poor kitten who was rejected by her birth mother.

Ponzu, the golden retriever, and his owner Jessiepon came to her rescue and chose to adopt her.

Her mother was unable to supply her with the nutrients she required, so her new family started the process of nursing her back to health.

Ichimi has taken to her guardian quite well. Ponzu, the golden retriever, is the protector I’m speaking about.

They are inseparable and often play together. Ponzu and Ichimi even sleep and clean together.

Ichimi is gaining stronger by the day, as seen by the photos below from Jessiepon’s Instagram account.

Ponzu, being the kind golden retriever that he is, decided to adopt her.The two then quickly became inseparable

After their beloved cat Wasabi passed away, Jessiepon and Ponzu were heartbroken, but Ichimi provided them with much-needed comfort.

The two best friends even celebrated the holiday season together

Ponzu had previously taken care of a kitten who had been injured by a crow, but she passed away.

Love doesn’t care what size or species you are – the two still love playing together.

…and even sleep together!

By Elen

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