The video of the street dog crying when a caring lady decided to feed him went viral when it was posted on YouTube. Millions of people joined together in a campaign to ensure that this sad little animal was ultimately given a place to live.

A dog was noticed wandering through a park in the streets of Jinzhong, China by a passerby. As you can see in the photograph, the cat is standing on its hind legs with her front paws curled in an imploring stance, pleading with the owner to give her some food.

It seemed like the dog had tears frozen in her eyes when an unknown lady offered her a sausage, and it glanced at the woman with that painful face before devouring her part.

The next day, the same lady returned to the park, and the puppy immediately remembered her and rushed over to her, wagging her tail with delight. When the lady became emotionally connected to her pet, she made the decision to take care of her and provide her with a better life. Unfortunately, the dog did not appear the next day.

She even began to ask the police about her in an attempt to learn more about her, but the officers were completely unaware of this emotional dog’s whereabouts.  The lady just hopes that now that she is doing well, she will find someone who will make her happy. 

Watch the video here:

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