Animals never stop to surprise us with their capacity to express emotions and love.

We hear stories over and over again about the unique and delicate connections that may develop between animals and their humans.

This is the kind of story that proves that they can show empathy and feel human emotions in the first place.

A little brown puppy called Rookie and his greatest companion in the whole world – a cow, are the central characters in this story.
She’s a dairy cow, and she also happens to be his “real mother”, having been abandoned as a child by his father.

She’s often spotted licking Rookie’s coat and nuzzling him, and the doggo has even been seen sitting or napping on the cow’s back.

Because of their unusual connection, when the time came for the cow to be sold, Rookie went from being a happy and lively puppy to becoming the saddest dog on the planet.

They had no alternative but to sell the cow, even though it would be difficult for him. They couldn’t afford to keep two cows, so selling one was the only option.

The mom cow was removed from the area where she and her calf, Rookie, had been spending their time together as part of the preparations for selling her.

The moment the cow was moved outside, Rookie’s pain became clear, and he started wailing and sobbing, his face reflecting a look of complete and total sorrow.

When he was taken from his “mother,” his eyes began to get moist to the point that he nearly seemed to be shedding actual tears in his eyes.

Their separation was difficult to see, as the puppy could be seen walking across the threshold while screaming to the cow – but only after his mother had vanished completely from view.

After everything was said and done, the agile puppy took off down the street when he heard a mooing in the distance. His owner rushed after him as he went.

He tracked out the cow’s new home, which turned out to be another barn in the hamlet that was near enough to Rookie’s shelter.

When the pup spotted the cow, he couldn’t keep his excitement contained, and he started barking and hopping about, eager to kiss the cow’s face.

However, the reunion did not last long, as Rookie’s owner eventually tracked him down and sent him back to his house, despite his protests.

After returning home, Rookie was inconsolable. He had lost his normal energy, and he had completely lost his appetite.

Because of his depressed behavior, his owners grew more concerned about his well-being. He would only stroll around the yard, waiting for his mother cow to return.

Because of the huge response, Rookie’s owners brought his mother back with them and also gave him a new friend to play with.

The video below illustrates everything — right from the start, you can feel true love and trust between these two animals:

By Anna

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