A Turkish dentist decided to spend his leisure moments caring for homeless animals, and as a result, he established a comprehensive network of assistance throughout the city.

A Turkish dentist named Huseyin Yurtseven is known for having a huge heart and has been spotted on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey while assisting homeless animals. After he saw a positive video on social media, he decided to make it his new hobby.

According to the Daily Mail, Yurtseven walks around the adjacent areas looking for dogs and cats who are “dying” from the cold, and he has even-handed blankets to businesses and animal lovers in the city in order to create a larger network of support for them.

Yurtseven shared his thoughts, saying, “I saw stray dogs in my area.” I put wool blankets from my home on the street animals lying in front of the building, and they seemed to like them. I discussed the subject with a few of my friends. “We got to work right away.”

A dentist volunteers his spare time to provide sanctuary for stray animals.

The citizens of Istanbul were given the contact information of this dentist and his pals so that they might return the blankets if they did not have the chance to wash them and so prevent damage to the city’s water supply.

“I was quite taken aback by the shaking of a dog that I saw at Sultanahmet Square,” Yurtseven said with us. His shake was not chilly, but rather warm and kind. We trembled as we approached him with a blanket, and he turned his face towards us before laying his head between his thighs and resting his hands on his hips. Individuals’ perceptions of life would be altered as a result of this activity. “This compassion, happiness, and honesty will be shown to us by street animals.”

Summertime water containers placed in front of residences and businesses by Yurtseven also assisted parched homeless animals in need of water.

This act of kindness is something that everyone may participate in.

Flights in and out of Istanbul have grounded earlier this year thanks to heavy snowfall and severe winds. Turkey has been battered by snow, with the lowest temperature ever recorded in January in the nation being -25 degrees Celsius (-13 degrees Fahrenheit) in early 1942.

Winter has spread across Europe, including the United Kingdom, where the National Meteorological Service, the Met Office, has issued yellow weather warnings for heavy snowfall, citing the fact that snow and ice make driving and walking dangerous.

According to the Met Office:

There is also a chance of more hail, sleet, and snow. They are expected to pile several millimeters above 200 meters, with most of the accumulation occurring in western Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and the northwest of England. At lower elevations, a tiny quantity of snow (one centimeter or less) is also possible in certain locations.

Sophie Yeomans, a meteorologist at the Met Office, added:

It is chilly and rainy over much of the nation.’ The snow is primarily concentrated in the mountains, while the rain is mostly falling as rain, with a little sleet thrown in for good measure.

We have ice warnings in effect; the weather front that has gone through has left rain on the ground, which means that air temperatures are beginning to drop, ground temperatures will be below freezing, and there is an ice danger throughout most of the United Kingdom.

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