If you’ve had a particularly stressful or anxious day at work, this very gorgeous tabby cat is right there to relieve you of all your worry and anxiety. He has just had a wonderfully pleasant spa treatment, and for some reason, just seeing this small fur baby enjoying himself is also profoundly calming.

In addition, cat parents will find this to be a fantastic idea for satisfying their house cats (while they are drowsy, of course; you don’t want to disturb your personnel when they are lively and energetic and can track you down in the twinkling of an eye). There is no need for expensive toys, no outdoor activities, and no painful scrapes and bites. In just a few minutes, your cats will be the prettiest cats on the planet. All you have to do is watch and learn!

Beginning with a gentle head massage, you can help to decrease stress and promote circulation.

After that, place two slices of cucumber on their eyes to help keep them moisturized and prevent dark circles from forming. Isn’t it simple to do?

When your tiny babies are awake, just come to a halt and wait for them to fall asleep again, which should not take too long given how often kittens sleep. Then apply some wiping oil to their ears and cleanse them with a moist cotton swab to finish them up.

Finally, give yourself a thorough belly massage at the conclusion of your session. Don’t forget to look after their toes!

Watch this awesome video to reduce your stress:

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