An unexpected passerby saw a little, sick kitten suffering in the middle of the road and immediately took him up and carried him to the closest veterinary hospital. It didn’t take long for a staff member at Coral Springs Animal Hospital in Florida to understand that the 2-month-old kitten’s prognosis wasn’t good, and she chose to adopt him herself — with the assistance of her colleagues.

“When I first saw Lemon, I knew I was going to take him home,” said Bryanna Rosario, a vet tech.

As a result, I brought Lemon to the veterinarian for an echocardiogram after his first checkup revealed he had a grade 4 heart murmur, which was rather substantial for an eight-week-old kitten.” His prognosis was bleak; she believed that he would only survive for a few more months.”

Lemon suffered from a terrible heart problem when he was born blind. According to the doctor, his heart is “like Swiss cheese,” ” and it isn’t pumping blood where it should be.”

Lemon, on the other hand, is happy, playful, and purring without any discomfort. For some reason, Bryanna wishes to offer him the opportunity to live a happy life surrounded by love and adventure, even if it is just for a short period of time.

Right now, his heart is not having an impact on his quality of life. After understanding Lemon wouldn’t live a long life, I decided to create a bucket list for him so that way he can live the rest of his few months happy,” said Bryanna

Lemon’s Bucket List was formed, and they are attempting to organize as many trips and events as they possibly can for him in the shortest period.

A veterinarian at the Coral Springs Animal Hospital is taking care of Little Lemon. Everyone in the facility treats him as if he were a part of the family.

Lemon visited to the park the other day and took in all of the delicious and unusual scents he could get his nose around. He was very excited and even tried to catch the leaves and play with branches. You would never know he’s blind when this wonder boy uses all his other amazing senses.

Just a few weeks ago, they celebrated Lemon’s first birthday. He had a good time with his birthday cake and celebrated it with his whole group of friends.

And they even brought him to the beach, where he had a great time playing in the sand and running around in circles. He was fascinated by the sound of the ocean waves and the fresh wind that blew across the area. It was, without a doubt, his most memorable adventure.

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