Extreme weather conditions are common in New York and the surrounding region, and temperatures may suddenly drop below freezing. So if you’re a community cat and don’t have a warm place to stay, it might be quite difficult.

Nathaniel lives in Brooklyn, and one cold day while working from home, he saw something occurring outside his apartment window.

It was at that moment that he noticed a stray cat pawing at his window, begging to get in – and who could blame her, it was freezing outside.

He recognized the cat right away as Chunk Chunk, a member of a nearby stray cat colony.

Nathaniel felt he had to react because Chunk Chunk was having the worst time of her life. He had never been a cat fan, but his fiancée Renee, volunteers her time to help keep the local community cats safe.

He couldn’t bear the thought of leaving this kitten out in the cold and snow, so he let the shivering cat in to warm up on such a miserable day.

“I’ve always been hesitant to let the cats inside, but I knew Renee would really appreciate it if I helped Chunk Chunk,” he said. “I adore Renee, and I felt it was the appropriate thing to do to help Chunk Chunk.”

He did manage to photograph her before let her inside the house!!

Chunk Chunk was nervous because he was afraid she wouldn’t get along with the dog.

He felt that the bathroom would be the safest location for her, so he spread some towels on the floor to make her feel more comfortable.

When Renee arrived home from work she didn’t seem surprised when she learned about their house guest.

“She’s been one of the nicest neighborhood cats I’ve ever met,” she added. “She is always requesting for pets and starts purring within seconds.”

She’s still with them a week later, and she’s even been to the vet to make sure everything is well.

They are hopeful she will get along with the dog since this may be her forever home.

By Elen

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