In this picture is Tombi, a little orange cat that walked into a public elementary school in the Turkish city of Izmir and chose to make it his permanent home, as well as the pupils who attended the school as his mates.

Tombi first appeared in the school’s garden last month and hasn’t stopped returning since. For a cat that is often shy and afraid of humans, Tombi is a sociable and outgoing member of the community. In order to get pets or attention from the youngsters, he enjoys going up to them.

Despite the fact that no one knows precisely where Tombi came from, there is no question that he has made his way to the area where he belongs. After spending a couple of weeks loitering in the school’s garden, he made the decision to enroll as a student. As a result, he entered the third-grade classroom and began his research.

As a third-grade teacher at school, Izlem Pnar Ivaşcu was taken aback when the small kitten wandered into her class. “He came inside our classroom,” Ivaşcu said in an interview with The Dodo. “He was quite popular with the children.” And with that, Tombi established himself as a permanent presence in Mrs. Ivaşcu’s class.

Mrs. Ivaşcu discovered that keeping a cat prowling around the classroom had the opposite impact on the pupils, contrary to what many people believe.

Despite the fact that the kitten was adorable and full of curiosity, the kids were mesmerized. At class, they become more enthused about being there, and instead of joking about it during breaks, they grow quieter and more concentrated. It is important to Ivaşcu that the children arrive at school on time and that they take good care of Tombi. “This is beneficial to them.”

A parent, on the other hand, filed a formal complaint after becoming aware of a stray cat roaming about the school grounds. They claimed that Tombi was a danger to their health and ordered him to leave.

Tombi was taken to a veterinary facility so that he could be vaccinated, and he was eventually adopted by a loving family. The small guy, on the other hand, was dissatisfied with his surroundings and did not get along with the other cat that had already moved in. He hadn’t eaten anything for three days, and he was starving. As a result, Ivaşcu and her husband decided to bring him back to their home and raise him there.

Students were heartbroken about Tombi’s plight, so they sent messages and made pictures for him to cheer him up. It was evident that he longed for his old acquaintances as well.

Tombi’s story was posted on social media by Ivaşcu, and it soon gained popularity. People attempted all they could to make it possible for Tombi to return to school with his friends.

“The story received a great deal of attention and support across all television news,” Ivaşcu said. In addition to my supervisors and the city’s director of education, I received a lot of encouragement from other individuals as well.

As a result of the tremendous amount of support he has received, Tombi will be able to return to school. Immediately upon his arrival back in the classroom, the ginger cat returned to his normal self. In addition to being welcomed back into their class, Tombi was provided with a secure place to eat and sleep, as well as a lot of love and care from his classmates.

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