A dog was barking in a residential area near the Home Depot in Anderson, South Carolina, in the spring of 2013. But when she came, she was astonished. She found a small kitten feeding a little dog beside a riverbank. Rescuers believe the dog was out exploring when she came upon the helpless kitten. The dog nursed the kitten and barked until aid arrived.

No collars or tags meant they belonged to anybody around. Both were clearly abandoned, and the little dog claimed the kitten as her own. Michelle took them to Anderson County P.A.W.S. for their safety. Goldie and Kate are the shelter’s star mother-daughter combo. Goldie and Kate were eventually adopted by Joe Harris and his wife. Finally, they have a place to call their own. Although Kate is an adult, the two remain close. They will also never be forgotten.

Michelle Smith, an animal control officer in Anderson, South Carolina, was sent to an area near the Home Depot because a dog had been barking.

She had taken in a kitten that had been neglected and was taking care of her to make sure she lived.

In order to keep them safe, Michelle took them to the Anderson County Pet Adoption and Welfare Society (PAWS).

The dog, Goldie, and the kitten, Kate, were given these names by the shelter in honor of the famed mother-daughter combo of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson.

The couple has finally found their dream home, and they are now fully grown up. Regardless, they’re pretty much the prettiest couple in town.

Despite the fact that this storyline seems unbelievable, this cute couple is also really adorable. Click here to see the video!

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