In certain cases, a little act of kindness may have a profound impact on the life of a tiny creature in the direst of circumstances. It was a rough time for this dog, but a kind-hearted guy saved his life.

Despite the fact that this painful story finally has a happy ending owing to the efforts of a hero, there are numerous more cases like this in which little creatures are abandoned by the side of the road as if they are worthless objects. Perhaps it is past time for mankind to recognize that all creatures are capable of emotion and that they all deserve to be cared for.

However, individuals like Goran Marinkovic still care about the planet on which we live and particularly about those creatures that are unable to defend themselves, such as stray animals. This is a nice thing. One day, when he was traversing the highways of Serbia in search of abandoned animals, he came upon a scene that crushed his heart and left him speechless. A little dog that had taken refuge in a shoe was sitting there, starving and surrounded solely by debris. It was a heartbreaking sight.

Goran recognized the poor puppy had been abandoned as his mother and other canines were nowhere to be found. Therefore, he stepped in, saved him, and permanently altered his life!

During an interview with Bored Panda, the kind guy said that he saves animals that are endangered or live on the streets. “I look after animals because I adore them; I like animals of all kinds, whether they are cats, dogs, or other species.”

Goran first fed and watered the sick dog, whose health seemed to be deteriorating, before taking him to the veterinarian for treatment. After getting medical attention, the cute little animal made its way to Goran’s house, where he finally found a home thanks to the generosity of the man who found him.

Not only did the puppy, called Smesten, get adequate nutrition and care, but he also received the love and comfort that he had been seeking all of his life. Smesten looks much different now, only a few months after he was discovered abandoned!

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By Anna

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