A stray mother dog made the decision to put everything on the line to ensure the safety of her pups. Hera was terrified for the lives of her pups as the temperatures dropped below zero and heavy snow fell around them. So she placed her whole faith in the kindness of strangers, believing that they would come to her aid and save her puppies’ lives. It is fortunate that Hera’s tale had a nice conclusion!

Hera gave birth to a litter of three pups in a drainpipe outside a Serbian hamlet since she didn’t have a roof over her head at the time. Things weren’t perfect, but at least they had some cover from the weather, and the devoted mother was able to find scraps to feed herself on whenever she needed to. After a few weeks, due to the onset of winter, Hera and her kids were unable to continue to dwell there. Unfortunately, she didn’t have much of a choice in the matter.

When it seemed that everything was bleak for the small pups and their mother, the odds began to shift in their favor. After getting a phone call from a concerned person, Milan from the Dog Rescue Shelter Mladenovac ran to the scene to help them. Hera was in trouble.

Surprisingly, Hera was more cheerful than she had been in a long time when she noticed Milan, and she even ran out of the house to welcome him and inform him about her defenseless infants. The pups, which were around 4-weeks-old, seemed to be in excellent health, but rescuing them proved to be considerably more difficult than anybody had anticipated.

Even with their mother at the other end of the pipe to reassure them that everything is OK, the pups had never been in close proximity to a person before, making them hard to reach with the pipe. Milan, on the other hand, didn’t drive all the way there only to give up on them. He spent hours in the severe cold attempting to get them out, and he only succeeded after using a broom to get around the corner.

After rescuing them, Milan took the three pups into his arms and reunited them with their mother, who had been waiting inside the VAN, which was a source of anxiety. Due to the compassion of people and Hera own courage, Hera and her puppies are now safe and warm in the shelter.

Watch this video of rescuing the puppies below…

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