While the majority of people are callous when it comes to animals in need of assistance, others are willing to go above and beyond in order to assist those defenseless creatures in need. If this comes from a little child of nine years old, it is nothing short of inspirational!

Indeed, the majority of children of this age spend their pocket money on items like cookies and candy, but Ken Amante chose to use his for a more noble purpose: purchasing food for the stray dogs that dwell in his neighborhood in the Philippines. Fortunately, the child’s charity did not go unnoticed, and when his remarkable tale went viral, a large number of people all around the globe decided to show their support for this young hero by donating to his cause. Massive contributions have been collected, and the 9-year-old’s wish has come true as he has been successful in opening a sanctuary for all of the unfortunate animals.

At first, no one was aware of Ken’s involvement since he is a gentle and humble person by nature. However, after noting that his son often left the home with a backpack full of food, his father decided to follow him one day, only to have his heart broken by the scene he came upon a few blocks away. Several stray dogs had gathered around him and his newborn child, all wagging their tails and waiting for their human companion to share some food with them.

The overjoyed father snapped a snapshot of his kid, which he subsequently posted on Reddit. There was a point at which everything began! He added, “My kid has been providing stray dogs in the area with food for around two weeks now.” “I decided to tag along today.”

It didn’t take long for the happy tale to spread over the Internet, and Ken quickly became well-known for his generosity. He got a great deal of support from animal activists all around the globe, and, fortunately, he was able to create a shelter – The Happy Animals Club – not long after that.

From an early age, I have had a deep affection for animals. “I’ve always liked them, even when I was a kid,” the youngster told HNGN. Even as a child, I had a strong affection for them. My parents informed me that I had been sleeping with my father’s cat, Hajime-kun, even before I could speak. When asked about the shelter he created, Ken said that it had been a dream of his since he was a young baby boy himself.

“I want to spare as many of those pets as I possibly can from suffering for no apparent reason,” he told METRO in an interview. Ken’s sanctuary has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of animals since it first opened its doors in 2014. They also supply food for all of the stray animals in the surrounding area. What a little hero this little guy turns out to be!

Watch the video about this kind guy below…

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