As soon as a woman saw a gray and white kitten abandoned on her doorstep in Southern California, a lady realized she had to act quickly.

The 3-week-old kitten was clearly a victim of life’s unfairness, but that was about to change.

Fortunately, she knew how to help him.

To find out how this lonely kitty got the finest present ever, keep reading!

Milo’s Sanctuary is a non-profit cat rescue group, and a neighbor of the woman’s happened to be a volunteer.

The volunteer agreed right once to bring the kitten to the sanctuary so that it might get the care it definitely needed.

There that they learned additional details about the beautiful kitty they’d called Bumble.

As per Andrea Murphy, who volunteers at Milo’s Sanctuary, Bumble had a cold, an eye infection and was not weaned.”

Little Bumble was treated right away by the sanctuary’s staff and volunteers.

They had a strong desire to see him thrive!

They gave him medicine, bottle-fed him, and then progressively weaned him.

When it came to Bumble, Milo’s Sanctuary was optimistic that they could help her, but she was still lonely.

As fortune would have it, an extra special friend was right around the corner…

Volunteers at Milo’s Sanctuary were surprised to know that a second cat had been found abandoned on the same doorstep as Bumble!

When they found a new kitten, they called him Rumble and took him in.

Kittens are happier and healthier when they have a companion to socialize with.

Bumble and Rumble looked to be of a similar age, so they were eager to share their experiences with one another.

They had no idea that these two were previously connected!

“There was no question in anyone’s mind that they were related. Andrea said that when they were reunited, they recognized one other and were overjoyed to be back together.

It was heartwarming to see two brothers together.

The siblings huddled together in a tight hug, thankful that their family had been return to its normal state.

Thankfully, Rumble didn’t seem to have any health issues and was allowed to snuggle with Bumble right away.

From that point on, they were inseparable.

Bumble and Rumble were inseparable, never wanting to be apart from one other!

The sanctuary quickly realized that the two were a bonded pair.

The idea of separating them broke everyone’s hearts. They were in desperate need of each other.

“The creator of Milo’s Sanctuary determined that since they’re so attached, the two of them would be adopted together when they’re ready,” Andrea said.

This charming couple has a bright future ahead of them!

A New Start!

Andrea took Bumble and Rumble under her care not long after they reached the sanctuary.

She was ecstatic to see how simple their adjustment had been.

“They were weaned quickly and litter box training was a breeze for them.” Andrea described them as “two of the cutest and kindest kittens.”

They are both intelligent and well-behaved. They never caused any problems for their foster mother!

Bumble and Rumble were constantly purring, happy to be at each other’s side in the presence of a kind foster mother.

They were also friendly with the other cats in the home.

“They know which cats they are allowed to play with and which cats they are not allowed to play with.” “It’s fascinating how they found out who to socialize with and who to avoid,” Andrea said.

This made their foster journey a walk in the park.

Andrea stood there, seeing the boys’ particular friendship grow deeper every day, and couldn’t help but smile.

This adorable couple has become closer than ever after arriving at Andrea’s house.

When they are separated, even if it is just by a few feet, they always seek each other out!

“If one walks away from the other by a particular distance and they can’t see each other longer,” Andrea said, “the other will start to weep and the other will rush back.”

With Bumble and Rumble are in the home, there’s never a boring moment.

“They are really devoted to one another!” Andrea commented, “They’re incredibly nice together.”

These two will bring delight to anyone they choose to be their forever family.

By Elen

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