Usually, when our pets get presents, they are not immediately able to express their satisfaction or happiness. There are a lot of factor to this. Because these fluffy fellows don’t much care for the present, they show no reaction.  Furthermore, they may not be in a good mood. They are unable to find anything that would improve their attitude on that particular day. Your gift is not an exception to this rule. You give them presents, but you don’t give them at the appropriate moment.

And here are several pictures of the expectation and reality of giving pets a gift. You’ll not help smiing  as you scroll down. Your dogs do not always get along with you, even when you are cuddling with them or giving them a present, and this is frustrating. There are times when people are feeling uneasy inside, and they don’t want to show their true personalities to you at such times.

It is not strange at all. This, on the other hand, turns out to be really adorable. Let’s have a look at them!

1. “When you buy a new house for your dog and want it to be a surprise, they just use it in their own way.”

2.  A sofa may be as uncomfortable as a carton box sometimes. This illustrates the fact.

3. “Your cat will be overjoyed when he gets a new hat, but the truth is…” “This doesn’t fit me.” “Are you serious?”

4. “This “cake” isn’t brightening up my day. “Is there a real one?”

5. “I just open it in the best way I can.”

6. You believe your dog will like its new bed and showing out their excitement for it. However, the truth is…

7. Expectation vs reality.

8. I want this carpet , not mine…

9. ” Do you believe that this gift will help me to forgive you?, No Way”

By Elen

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