After disappearing for seven years during a forest fire in the New South Wales area, a lost pet has returned.

Forest fires have been raging in Australia for the last several years, so it is nothing new to Australians. However, this fire has been stopped, and it is no longer a threat.

Ben Symonds’ family was one of dozens of families forced to leave their homes when forest fires rushed across their neighborhood.

When this family’s wildfire burned down their home and destroyed surroundings, their beloved cat Angel, who had been hiding nearby, was unable to be found, and the family was caught up in the excitement of the occasion. The moment the fire was out, Ben and his family returned home, but their cats were missing.

The family called out for cats constantly, they put food around the house, in order to check weather cat would appear or not.

“We truly expect them to be back in 3-4 days if they survive,” Symonds said.

The situation became more grim as the days passed.

“We didn’t see a trace for seven days.”

The family gradually accepted that they had lost everything, including their beloved pet, in the forest fires. But suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, Angel returned.

Mr Symonds said, “We didn’t even recognize her.” “She’s simply brown and orange, singed and burnt, sitting there looking at us.”

The family was very happy , having their pet Angel back. They all saw the Angel together and just shouted out with joy.

“That was really powerful moment”, said Symonds.

After pet came back, Ben took her to vet to be sure that everything is good , and that she didn’t have any health problem. Fortunately the pet didn’t have any life treating problems. She just had some burns in ears and eyes, and no problem with feet.

By Elen

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